Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Trestleboard


Well, it is time for a change. The annual Installation of Officers is scheduled for December 04, 2010. The event (Don’t miss this) will start at 07:00 pm sharp! Please plan on attending to support your new officers, including the New Master, and of course the retiring Master. I know these gentlemen have been working very hard to be the best!!

There have been many conferrals of degrees this year, including many deserving brethren who have been raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. Many are waiting to advance. If you are one of these brothers who are working on your proficiency and need help, Worshipful Morris will be available on Wednesday evenings at the Lodge. Please let him know if you would like to meet with him.

Lastly, I would like to thank several of the brethren who have gone out of their way to support me as Master, and offered a kind ear. Well, there is not enough space to do that. THANK YOU ALL!

I am looking forward to serving Worshipful-elect Casalicchio for the New Year. I know it will be enjoyable.


Phill E. Mossey
Worshipful Master

Greetings from the West my true and trusted friends. I hope that this communication finds you all well.

First let me thank you for the confidence you have reposed in me. Allowing me to serve as the Master of Greenleaf Gardens Lodge No. 670 is an absolute honor. I promise to serve the lodge to the best of my abilities.

Secondly, as we transition into this next masonic year, we will be building upon the momentum of those who have come before us, and will be very busy, not just in our home, but without it as well. There is much work to be done in our community. The burdens and responsibilities will not fall upon the officers of your lodge alone, but we shall shoulder them together. It must be this way, and I believe wholeheartedly that we will enjoy the process, especially when we can stand back and enjoy the fruits of our labors. Brethren, with sincere effort and clear focus, this work will be noticeable. As I have mentioned to you before, you will be called upon to assist in these tasks, and your help will be appreciated in any way that you are able. From phone calls to our widows and brethren, to boots on the ground, all help is needed.

Additionally, I let me remind us all that, “Masonry takes good men and makes them better.” I love this statement, and it must be understood that it is not masonry alone which does or can do this, it is what you put into masonry, and the practice of its principals. Even the finest of maps cannot carry a man to his destination; it takes a first step, then a second, then a third and so forth. The map cannot do it alone.

Lastly, to Worshipful Phill Mossey, thank you for your service to our lodge, in this year, and each year before. We all know how much you give of yourself to masonry in general, and this is to be admired. Thank you for your fine leadership and gentle counsel.

Fraternally Yours,
Anthony Casalicchio
Senior Warden


Congratulations to our newly elected officers. I am excited that we have will for the first time in years have no Past Masters sitting in the line. That bodes well for our Lodge as it enters the next decade. Our ritual is crisp and we regularly read applications in our stated meetings. While the Lodge membership has continued to decline due to the passing of our older brethren, we will eventually turn the corner and begin to increase. We lost 15 members this year due to death and one demit. and The Lodge is now below 200 in membership. If you haven’t been here recently, come. If you live too far away visit a lodge near you. You have friends you have not yet met.

Have you moved and changed your phone number or can you give us your email address? Communication is important in Free Masonry. Worshipful Phill Mossey our Master has worked this year to make sure every member gets a personal call but our files still have a large number of bad phone #. We would appreciate your updating of your personal file. If you know of a widow who has passed away please let us know so we can correct the records. The list is never published so please help us out.
Do you know of a brother, widow or spouse who is in ill health or needs relief. Please let our Senior Warden know or call 562- 562-2755. The Lodge wants to help.
December is our annual Installation of officers. See you there

Jerry Garfield Laiblin, P.M.

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